Will IP Telephony be the best solution to telecom high costs in Africa?

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Case study of Kenya

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Mobile Decisioning is one company that deals with emergency airtime solutions across Africa. They have linked voice and data through an IP PBX platform to lower collaboration and operation costs.

A managed IP PBX platform provides a good sense of choices available in today’s market; enterprise calls on desk phones can be redirected to individual mobile phones if not answered. The platform also comes with customized features like a contact center, where 64 participants can make calls and have a meeting on GSM.

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To Mobile Decisioning, implementing Kenya’s MTN Business managed IP PBX has been practical, it provided a virtual presence to most of the company’s offices across Africa. The implementation has been sensible since the management has been able to set and monitor credit limit of different sales accounts and through a soft phone, field engineers have saved roaming costs since they can call home (East Africa) at normal local rates.

Kevin Omondi, Director Innovation, Mobile Decisioning says the company has been with MTN since it was a start up and the IP-based communication technology has been efficient and a clear cost saving
collaboration model that CIOs should adopt.

MTN Business Kenya re-launched its IP-based communication, which allows for seamless integration of both desk and mobile phones thereby doing away with the need for staff to have multiple phone numbers.

Speaking during a client breakfast at Nairobi’s Serena Hotel, Tom Omariba, Managing Director, MTN Business Kenya said that the Managed IP PBX solution ensures seamless transfer and integration of both fixed and mobile calls.

“It further enhances staff mobility as one does not need to be at their desks to receive calls”, says Omariba.

The Managed IP PBX service – first deployed in the country in 2011 – is a fully outsourced cloud solution and MTN has invested in the requisite infrastructure to allow for integration with clients’ equipment. There has been a slow up take of this solutions since Kenya’s market wasn’t ready enough and CIOs were still skeptical that IP telephony can be the solution to all of their telecom woes.

“Clients do not need to make any additional capital investments to acquire the IP PBX. It is ideal for people who are constantly on the move and away from their desks but need to be in touch with office
operations,” said Raphael Mulei, a pre-sales engineer at MTN Business Kenya.

source: THE CIO