Will Beneath The Lies live up to the hype?

Beneath the lies uganda series

Well this was one of the most anticipated TV series production, and it finally made its way to our sitting room screens so far with mixed reviews from both critics and viewers. It has taken over social media channels with tweets and posts flooding both Twitter and Facebook some praising the show while others were giving it a thumbs down, but rather with a skeptical view. At the end of day we one has to ask whether Beneath The Lies will live up to the hype?


 “Some viewers have come up to criticize the choice of actors”

The show is a brainchild of Ugandan engineer turned actress Nana Kagga with her Savannah Moon productions teaming up with Kinectic Management famed for their Friday Night Lights basketball tourney with Cedric Babu in the lead and directed by renowned Kenyan director, David Tosh Gitonga. The star studded show casts familiar faces on television and radio including the likes of Patrick Idringi alias Salvador, Flavia Tumusiime, Gaetano Kagwa and many celebrated artistes and figures.

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Some viewers have come up to criticize the choice of actors since they usually grace their stages and TV screens asking questions whether there is a lack of talent to pool in Uganda. Whereas I view this as a marketing stunt, some people share different views citing examples such as NTV’s The Hostel which almost had a similar cast. It was met with positive reviews with its inaugural season only to turn sour with dwindling ratings for the seasons that proceeded.

“Beneath The Lies shows a bright future for Ugandan produced movies”

It’s not the first attempt by TV productions to win our hearts having seen the likes of Ebonies win our hearts in the late 90s (yes you got it right, am a 90’s child) with their rather amazing titles that followed their productions. NTV had similar success with their hostel Series that it finally made its way to DSTV owned Africa Magic, then came Deception which has also received a welcoming reception among Ugandan TV viewers.

On the other side, Urban TV which airs Beneath the Lies has taken its toll with another series The Kemigisha’s that didn’t receive much viewership as anticipated. The Kemigisha’s however didn‘t have a familiar cast, however much they had an intriguing story.  With a solid cast, a good advertising budget and the creativity exhibited, I bet Beneath The Lies is already a hit. It’s not that I am very patriotic with everything that bears the black, yellow and red colors, but rather the stance taken by Beneath The Lies shows a bright future for Ugandan produced movie productions. So before you attack me in your comments, take some good time and binge or view the two episodes that are already out.

How to watch it Online

Originally as a web only series like the hit An African City, it was lured to the traditional TV space by the swanky Urban TV under the stewardship of Micheal Owori Benjamin A.K.A DJ Bushbaby who has transformed the industrial area based station into one of top stations in Uganda. You can still get to watch the TV production on digital platform since it’s distributed through Vimeo On Demand commanding only $1.5 per episode.