Why did Apple ban a secure chat app Cryptocat from the App Store?

Cyphered chat service Cryptocat has officially been blocked by Apple from trying to get into its iPhone App Store. According to Developer Nadim Kobeissi’s tweet below, he laments that the tech Giant has unjustly rejected their app Cryptocat for iPhone, that they announced ready early this month. So the big question is why did Apple pull this move?

Kobeissi says he’s under a non-disclosure agreement as part of the Apple developer program but even before we had time to speculate further he goes on to give us more details in a follow-up tweet  saying “One of the reasons for iPhone’s rejection by Apple strongly implies that any other encrypted group chat app can be rejected.”

Could we be reading too much into this?

For those wondering what the hell Crytocat is, this is Chat app that made waves for offering an elementary way to let two people chat while using end-to-end encryption. Ofcourse government bodies especially NSA and in some countries where free speech was limited will not be amused.  According to the verge Kobeissi says he’s gone through extra security screenings when traveling; and fearing intrusion from the Canadian government earlier this year, he moved Cryptocat’s entire network to a Swedish nuclear bunker. Could we be reading too much into this saga? Well, until Apple responds to comment on the rejection, which Kobeissi says he might legally challenge we can’t tell.