WhatsApp’s latest Android update allows you to hide your personal info

Gone are the days when every tom, dick and harry can snoop in your WhatsApp info, as the company has released a new update (v2.11.169) for Android that brings some security updates with it, in form of privacy options. You can now choose who can see your ‘Last seen’, profile photo and status message, now the stalkers can find something else to do. You have the following options to choose from :

  • Let everyone see it,
  • Only your contacts see it or
  • Set it so no one can see it.

This ability to hide last seen status has been available on iOS for those who had no idea, an at last  the Android version received it.we suspect this will be now wildly adopted since we have more Android users than iOS user in Uganda.  Additionally you also have the ability to hide the profile photo and status message, that iOS version does not yet have.

Other changes that come within this new update include:

  • The mute functionality has been improved and now finally works as intended FYI you can now mute a group
  • Lastly, the notification options for broadcast messages have been removed but you can still send broadcast messages.
  • For those who pay for its (personally i have never, i guess its a region thing), you can now also pay for a friend. Choosing among from 1, 3 or 5 year subscription option and gift it to a friend using Google Wallet (Not available here), PayPal or sending payment link.
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Hold on the App is not yet on the Play Store,  Android  but you can download the APK  HERE.

Enjoy the stalker free moments