WhatsApp steals features from Telegram


On Nov 18, 2014 Pavel Durov the Russian Mark Zuckerberg also founder of social networking site VK (Russia’s Version of Facebook) blogged about his predictions (of course with a touch of recitement). Yesterday, WhatsApp launched it’s web desktop version allows you to access WhatsApp on your web-browser but specifically Google Chrome via web.whatsapp.com.

“Telegram had launched a web-client feature a year back”

However Telegram had launched a web-client feature at web.telegram.org  a year back and WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum attempted to poach a developer from Telegram who was directly involved in the developing of the Telegram web client.Unfortunately Jan Koum failed to hire him as Durov is quoted to say.

 Jan emailed the developer of Telegram for Web, unsuccessfully trying to hire him for this purpose (I guess it was surprising for Jan to learn that some people actually do not sell out, not just say so).

Some of the other notable features that Durov claims where copied are WhatsApp raising the maximum size of videos and group chats unfortunately WhatsApp didn’t catch up with Telegram , but the progress evidently started two weeks after Telegram was born, WhatsApp recently introduced message Read Status, and most recent attempt to enable end-to-end encryption for Android texts. Over to you feel free to download Telegram and you can freely juxtaposition the two apps.