What if – just if – Apple didn’t exist?

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Even before I start saying a thing, I can imagine Apple fan boys going gaga over this post just by reading the title alone, but worry not its part of my wild imagination. For those who personally know me, can attest to the fact that I have never been a devoted user of Apple products although I greatly admire their innovations and I have closely followed the company’s road to success. Even if Apple products tend to be pricey it hasn’t stopped people in emerging countries like here in Uganda affording them. It doesn’t come as news that Apple is the most respected and profitable tech company on the planet today, most tech companies all try to aspire to be like them to an extent of copying whatever they do.

First Tablet shown off by Bill Gates (Image Credit:dailycaller)
First Tablet shown off by Bill Gates in 2002(Image Credit:dailycaller)


But imagine there was no Apple, there would be no iPhone, no iPad and probably Blackberry would still be the in thing. May be Android Phones would dominantly have hardware keyboards as originally intended or touch screens would still be dominantly resistive and not capacitive. What kind of progresses in computers or touchscreens on our smartphones would be existing? Would Microsoft’s tablet be iPad? (Gates showed off a prototype of Microsoft’s Tablet PC at the COMDEX Fall 2001 computer show in Los Vegas in 2002). Samsung and Apple wouldn’t be having these endless patent court battles since there will be nothing for Samsung to copy in the first place. I can think of a thousand different Apple’s contributions to the tech industry that have gone main stream.

But I think anyone can make a convincing argument either way that the technology industry would drastically be different – better on the one hand, worse on the other – if Apple didn’t exist. Some could say that Apple has repressed innovation. The  visionary Steve Jobs was one man who had an ‘eagle eye’ that could envision how people will use devices in the future, but

Steve introduces the ipod
Steve introduces the ipod
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don’t you think there are other smaller tech companies that could have given us more mightily and innovative gadgets?


Never know, may be we would have a different company with a similarly innovative trailblazer like Jobs with unique ability to enchant people and bring them to technologies they didn’t even know they needed. Now days we have an avalanche of tech start-ups all over the world with great ideas. But it seems the more successful the start-up, the higher chance of it being bought by one of the big tech firms –Apple inclusive. So whether Apple is here to make the tech industry world better or worse, is not my place to say but only time will tell.

So lets get the ball rolling readers, its time for your comments to flow in and tell us what you envision the tech scene would have been like with out Apple. Get set, Go!!!!