Welcome to techjaja 2014 Redesign

What a year at the techjaja camp! (Image by Boyd Migisha)


What a year at the techjaja camp! (Image by Boyd Migisha)
What a year at the techjaja camp! (Image by Boyd Migisha)

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Wondering what you are seeing in this the featured image above? It’s basically the techjaja team all going haywire about the new things we have in stock for our readers in 2014 after a full year as an online tech blog. Techjaja is changing. Overnight we hit the switch on our 2014 redesign, paving the way for Project Red Bird, an internal three-month project we have been working on in response to all the great feedback from most of our readers that change was over due. We bring you a whole new revamped techjaja website, version 2.0 that has been designed from ground up with 6 principles in mind :

1. A new User experience / User Interface with a logo redesign

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2. Great content (tech and none tech)

3. Improved speeds on PC and mobile

4. High interactivity in reviews and the new device hub

5. Doubling down on social media

6. Know more about a carrier device before you buy

Lets get the ball rolling, we recently embarked on changing CMS (Content Management System) in order to introduce new great features that were not possible in the former CMS. Consequently, we had to build a new website from the ground up to come up with this master piece to which your eyes behold this very moment.


magazine UI
A whole new Magazine UI homegape

We threw out the old interface in some old rusty trashcan and embarked on building a great responsive modern website suitable for tech blogging on both mobile and PC. We have also slightly tweaked the logo and all previous irregularities removed. On our HOME page, you will be greeted by a full-blown Magazine like UI that showcases the sizzling content. You can quickly glance through the latest 15 articles with the “NEW POST TODAY” drop down menu at the top in the main menu bar.

A whole new and fast mobile experience

The new homepage is the hub that directs you to all content and we have introduced several  Mini sites, which include the Video, Reviews and Device hub. Each Mini sites offer a whole new and unique user experience with content precisely tailored to a particular concern. These have been designed to be more engaging to our readers and intuitive to navigate. Trending stories, big stories of the year, tags and categories can also be found in the footer of the website. The footer also holds a quick omni site search option as well as a quick sign up for the techjaja daily digest. The new techjaja website offers a lot with several options to filter through a group of posts. You can filter by most liked, most commented or most viewed posts. We believe you will grow to love it.


The team is determined to double down on new, local and international tech and none tech based content guided by our set ethics and in return expect readers respect the blog’s terms of use while they enjoy the content. The site will focus on the feature stories, reviews and breaking news you want to the fore, which makes it easier than ever to find the top stories of the day. With more focus on multimedia and interactivity, we’re hoping you find it a more engaging place to get your tech and digital lifestyle fix.

As for posts themselves, they’re easier to read and look better, while access to our new commenting system and related content is more straightforward. Higher-resolution displays have become a common sight , so the new site uses fonts more tailored to a world with more pixels, as well as handling different screen shapes and sizes.


global ranking
techjaja ranking growth on Alexa

Since most people are connected to different social media platforms, we have since last year embarked on a heavy social media campaign that has seen us grow globally from the millionth ranked website to now in the three hundreds according to Alexa ranking as shown in the graph below. For sure it has been a great and rough journey and we are determined to take you on for a second year. We shall continue to communicate with our readers through the different social media channels and engage them more.

We have implemented different options to share content on the website with beautiful social media buttons that support Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other major social media platforms.


device hub
The device hub

Have you ever wanted to buy a device from any of our telecom companies in Uganda but want to know more about the device before you buy? Today we introduce the device hub. We have made the device Hub a one stop center that will guide you with ease to  discover prices and features of these devices from  different carriers.

sorting different carriers

We are currently expanding the database with more carrier’s devices and shall keep it up-to-date. Please note all prices quoted are as set by the respective carriers. You’ll find quick access and sort the different telecom’s devices on MTN, Orange, Airtel, Smile, UTL in the sub-menu below the device Magazine as shown above. We a have also given our readers the option to recommend the device using a 5 star rating based on their experience with them. Any one will be able to rate based on Price, Look & feel and Performance with network. Please note all rating are purely subjective.


review rating
Editor and user rating for a device review

We always get new devices and apps or any other tech gadgets of interest to review, and to show more love to our readers we have expanded the review process to you. You will not only be able to leave a comment but also with help others who have not had the chance to use this gadget or app your own review as shown below. Of course we don’t expect people to move for example the HARDWARE slider for an App review (its called logic). We advise our readers to leave honest reviews.

We’re extremely excited about the changes we’ve made, and there’s still plenty more to come as we refine the site and add more features. We’d love to hear your thoughts, what you like (and what you don’t like!) and if you spot any bugs. Weigh in here, ping us on Twitter (@techjaja – follow us there for breaking tech news and more), and find us on Google+ (google.com/+thetechjaja) and Facebook (facebook.com/techjaja).