Week 26 Poll: Sony PS4 Vs XBOX One (Plus week 25 Results, LG G3 Wins)

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Last week was a Smartphone Flagship war, and seems the Galaxy brand got ashamed in the polls. LG’s latest LG G3  blew it out of the water scoring 70% of the votes compared to The Galaxy S5’s 30%. See results below.

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GS5 Vs LG G3_Poll Results

So, there you have it. Moving on, this week its a gaming battle between the world’s most popular video gaming consoles . Its the Microsoft’s XBOX One going head to head with Sony’s Play Station 4 also known as PS4. The question is simple, Which is the better 2014 flagship Game console that you would gladly pick up if you have not bought it already? VOTE above.

Remember, you can send your poll questions HERE,  for future polls. Readers will be able to find the polls in our sidebar on any article on the website.