We successfully introduced higher Internet access speed services: MTN CEO

For over 15 years MTN has graced the Ugandan mobile airwaves and has retained its position as the undisputed market leader in the industry. Last week The MTN CEO, Mazen Mroué was interviews by The Independent , and he had a lot to say about the past, present and future of MTN Uganda. with over 8  million subscribers, MTN Uganda has been on the forefront of technology and industry leading innovations in Uganda.

Last year was a successful year for the company  in which the CEO says was underpinned by major improvements in the customer experience and Infrastructure.

In terms of customer experience, we successfully introduced higher Internet access speed services, extended coverage to new areas, registered 96% of our subscribers, launched MTN business, which has led to the consolidation of our integrated ICT business solutions and successfully added a number of new products. 2013 has recorded a large number of new launches introduced such as “4G LTE”, “3G 42Mbps” ,” MTN WiFi HotSpots”, “MTN Xtra Time” and many other exciting services which we launched first in the Uganda market.

The company has accomplished several network upgrade milestones, where they added 115 new Network coverage sites, bringing the total number of sites supporting our network to 1,220 and upgraded the capacity of another 406 Network sites.Further more, MTN Uganda upgraded almost all its network sites in Kampala from 2G to 3G.

The Future of Telecoms in Uganda

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When asked about the future of the telecoms industry in Uganda, Mazen believes that with over 16.8 million active subscribers by September 2013, the industry continues to drive development of the country’s economic growth. He also emphasizes the fact that MTN will continue investing in converged communications solutions maintaining the telecom industry as a key driver of government revenue and transformation of lives.

The government can support this by giving incentives to the sector as well as limiting taxes on ICT products to encourage the take-up and further investment.

As for what MTN has in store for Ugandans in 2014, the CEO says that the company will continue to focus on the delivery of a bold new digital world and unveiling opportunities for our customers by maintaining quality of service. They also plan to roll -out more  Network Coverage sites  for 2014. Not forgetting the popularly used Mobile money which the company plans to expand as well as data and digital services will be the primary focus areas for MTN in Uganda during the coming years.