iPhone 8 event

Today, Apple launches its next smartphones for 2017: the iPhone 8 and its counterparts. Apple may also announce a few other of its products at the eagerly anticipated event – we’re hoping and expecting to see something of the Apple Watch 3 and potentially also something about iOS 11. It’s also the 10th edition of this event, which marks a special day in Apple’s calendar, so we can expect something pretty special this year.

Apple’s event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in California, where we’re expecting to see several products announced: the iPhone 8, hopefully the Apple Watch 3, Apple 4K TV and maybe even AirPods 2 as well as news on iOS 11. The tenth anniversary iPhone could be called either the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 according to rumors. Plus, two more phones have been rumored which may be dubbed iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, or even iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. We’ll have to wait and see.

Where to watch the iPhone 8 event

Starting time: San Francisco: 10AM / New York: 1PM / London: 6PM / Berlin: 7PM / Moscow: 8PM / New Delhi: 10:30PM / Beijing: 1AM (September 13th) / Tokyo: 2AM (September 13th) / Sydney: 3AM (September 13th)/ East African Time: 8PM

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Live stream: Apple’s live stream is available via a dedicated channel on the Apple TV set-top box or the Safari browser on OS X (10.8.5 and above) and iOS devices (iOS 7 and above). Windows 10 users can watch in the Microsoft Edge browser.

From Windows PC or laptop (and Linux):  You need Windows 10 or later and the Microsoft Edge browser. Alternatively, you can use VLC media player to stream the event live. Once you’re installed the software on your device, navigate to the tab called ‘Media’ then click on “Open Network Stream…” (or just press Ctrl+N). Then insert the URL link below:

We believe the link for VLC will be: http://appleliveevents-i.akamaihd.net/hls/live/222436/1609lijbsdfvoihbadfvohbsdfvljhb/master/4500/4500.m3u8?t=YWxpc2FtaXg= but if it isn’t, we’ll update it as soon as we have the correct one.