Want To Switch From Android To iOS? Apple has a Guide for you.

iphone 6 swicth to Android

iphone 6 swicth to Android

Today Apple releases iOS 8, and will unveil its next generation of iPhones within this week. Since Apple has large screen phones, Android users will have less excuses to switch. So the company is also gearing up for a massive Android exodus to switch from Samsung, LG, HTC, and other devices to its latest iPhones. So now Apple has provided a guide to moving all your stuff from Android to iOS.

iphone 6 swicth to Android_2

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This guide will give details on how potential converts can transfer their photos, music, documents, contacts, and calendars from their old device to their new phablet sized iPhones.The document also allows users to utilise iTunes and iCloud to move information over. Don’t expect to easily move data between operating systems and the converting process does not particularly help out new users  in continuity when you want to use your favorite apps: The company says you’ll “probably” find the ones you like, so just head to the App Store and do the searching yourself.