Vodafone Uganda unveils a digital first approach aimed at youth and SMEs


Vodafone Uganda, one of Uganda’s 4G LTE Operators has today announced a commitment to support the youth and entrepreneurs in Uganda in a briefing held at Kampala International University (KIU).

The same event saw Vodafone announce its commitment and change of focus to now target the youth demography and SMEs henceforth, in order to empower them harness their while using the internet.

Vodafone Uganda also took the opportunity to announce its talent mentorship programme targeting fresh graduates, whom it will take through a 7 months long training period with outstanding candidates standing a chance of getting employment from Vodafone itself after completion.

#iCreateTomorrow campaign

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The first batch came from the host institution, KIU who also double as Vodafone ambassadors in its #iCreateTomorrow campaign with promises of extending the same initiative to other institutions of higher learning within greater Kampala.

Speaking during the conference, John Ndego, the Chief Executive Officer Vodafone Uganda, said the major focus for Vodafone Uganda will be on digital, using the power of internet to tap into the younger generation’s potential and help them build their tomorrow today.

“The biggest way that we can support Uganda is to provide technology and data services that support the growth of young entrepreneurs in this country,” said Ndego. “We are helping them access global education resources using 4G technology, He added.

Uganda is the youngest and most entrepreneurial country in the world. According to the 2014 census statistics by Uganda Bureau of Statistics. The youth, that is, persons below 30 years constitute 78% of the population. These numbers, according to Ndego, represent a huge potential for the country to turn a tide in technology and innovation and Vodafone Uganda would like to be part of this journey.