Vodafone Uganda reveals it’s data prices, see how it compares with other 4G-LTE mobile operators

Vodafone Uganda shop

Uganda now has four 4G-LTE mobile operators, with the entrance of Vodafone in the voice and data market, most wonder what will become of the cost of internet in Uganda.  Will Vodafone Uganda resurrect price wars in the mobile internet data market the way Warid did for voice few years back? This week the new mobile entrant in Uganda has released their data plans — you can get 50 MB for a low as UGX 2,400 — now that’s a bit on a high side compared to Orange’s 100 MB for UGX 2,000 but in line with MTN’s UGX 2,500 for 50MB.

Vodafone’s data bundles are valid for 1 day, 1 week and a month and the biggest data bundle is 10 GB at UGX 124,000. Their prices seem to be in line with the competition which shows that their strategy is clearly not about price wars but hopefully ridding on their brand name to do the talking.

4G-LTE coverage for Vodafone is now available in Kampala and Entebbe and you can  get their 2G/3G network every where in Uganda. Want to see the bigger price picture? Perhaps the table below can throw more light on the different price comparisons of Vodafone with other LTE mobile operators so that you make up your mind on whose 4G-LTE service is right for your pocket.

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Vodafone Uganda data rates

For more information on Vodafone’s data rates you can go to their website here.