Vodafone scraps Unlimited data bundles

Unlimited is no more on Vodafone

Looking for an unlimited internet data bundle? Vodafone should be off your radar for now. It seems offering unlimited data bundles is just crumbling down the drain for the infant telecos and internet service providers (ISPs). Shorty after it was discovered that Smile telecom has put further caps in its premium unlimited data bundles, today Vodafone has dropped all its unlimited data bundles from their internet offerings opting for more expensive business plans that are not attractive for heavy data users. Our efforts to look for any unlimited plans on the company’s website was fruitless and this was further confirmed by their customer care representatives.

According sources in the know, the unlimited plans where just a promotional offer and they have now been phased out to give way to a new business strategy. However, this blog has been informed that Vodafone will soon to roll-out new data plans that will be reportedly “better than the scrapped unlimited plans”.  On the website, the company makes it clear and it states that “Vodafone offers DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY Data Bundles. For larger bundles or faster speeds, see the business pages.” A statement that was edited to remove the unlimited option and when you dare go to the business pages, you’ll find a bunch of offers that don’t match up to the previous unlimited offer. This moves leaves Africell and Smile telecom as the only carriers that offer unlimited internet on their wireless networks.

Have you been using Vodafone’s unlimited bundle? Have you switched carriers or you waiting for the new offers? Leave us a comment below.

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