Infinix Zero 5 smartphone back
Infinix Zero 5's back appearance with duo camera lenses

The Infinix Zero 5 commonly referred to as the Portrait master is a top tier smartphone that was launched last year by Infinix Mobile. The Zero 5 smartphone is an exceptionally camera focused smartphone that can enable you take amazingly super quality photos with its dual rear camera lenses. Unboxing the Infinix Zero 5 guarantees you to great accessories accompanying with the device.

By first impression, the Infinix Zero 5 appears to be a high-end smartphone, however when you switch on the XOS powered Zero 5, you absolutely feel the new quality display gifted as it boots up. Well, we had plenty of time to review this device and here are 6 reasons why you should consider the Infinix Zero 5 on your next smart phone purchase.

Fully Capture memorable moments with the Portrait master

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How does it feel to really capture memorable moments that really matter? Well, the Zero 5 rear camera come with dual Lenses consisting of a wide angle and telephoto lens. You are bale to capture those moments with a true touch of quality that is delivered in the Professional and portrait Zero 5 camera modes.

Massive Memory space

Space Space Space! How would you feel if you could not install your favorite app simply because of lo storage space. Well worry not, The Zero 5 comes with either 64gb or 128gb ROM to help you large files. Furthermore with an external memory slot on its left side, you have enjoy more redundant space to separate your private files from system files.

Sleak and Slim size with wide colour range to suite your design

buy Infinix Zero 5 cloursAs many phones usually come in either black or white colours. The Infinix Zero 5 comes in a variety of colours. Available in Red, white, Grey and Black colors to suite your design. Your perfect choice t fit your outfit as it matches with your blend of quality is absolutely the Zero 5.x zero 5

Super fast processor coupled with 6 GB RAM

Have you ever had that weird experience where you really wanted to swiftly open your camera app to capture a moment only to be surprised with the “Sorry Camera unexpectedly stopped working” notification. Well the power of a smartphone completely relies on its RAM capacity and with 6GB Ram gifted to the Zero 5. You can never have any largish apps failing to function but rather Smoothly use installed apps be it playing a heavy Asphalt racing game. Furthermore the Zero 5 has the multi tasking feature that can enable you switch between apps, for instance play your favorite game as you Video chat with your contacts.

View More detail with a 6 inch screen

The Infinix Zero 5 comes a 6.0 inch screen that allows you to clearly view information with full detail. How does it feel when you have to shrink your eyes in order to read that sent text with you phone in small font? Of course frustrating, but with the Zero 5 you are able to view all detail on the FHD IPS screen.

Durable battery with OTG support

OTG is a new modern mechanism used by smart phones to charge via a simple USB cable plugged into a good battery phone.Well with a 4350 mAH battery, the Infinix Zero 5 delivers a fast charge with the Xcharge functionality. While you can charge you other smartphone using the Infinix Zero 5, It battery capacity allows you to have more standby time giving you 100% up time.