Uganda’s top 25 YouTube channels and their estimated earnings

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In a country where we have sporadic access to the internet in these horrendous economic times that always influence many internet users to join the bandwagon campaign of #BringBackOurMB’s. A very common rant in the social media space of trigger-type-happy-twitter-users, ardent Facebook-ers ,followers of real Facebook-ers and many that just get caught up by the bug to share, comment and like on any allegation of purported “data-theft” by a certain telecom company X.

The data-world-wars aside, in the last couple of years we have seen a significant growth in consumption and production of “locally-made” video content from media houses like television stations that have taken an effort to upload some programs on YouTube on their respective YouTube channels. We have also seen local musicians become overnight YouTube stars( Eddie Kenzo and et al) this new wave of stardom has not spared the folks in the “laughtivism” business I mean comedians that have been able to acquire cross-border appeal and audience. Please feel free to insert Anne Kasiime, Pablo Kenneth Kimuli and Fun factory who have got significant views and endorsements most notably courtesy of Youtube video content. The last category of video-content-creators prominent on the list is online music promoters notably Sam Yiga however the promoters space is not devoid of some “rotten tomatoes” whose channels violate and infringe on the intellectual property rights of musicians for their own selfish and obviously monetary gains.

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Uganda's Top 25 YouTube Channels & Number of Subscribers


“Even after subtracting Google’s 45% cut, these Ugandan YouTube channels have got it made”

The chart above shows the top 25 Youtube channels considering number of subscribers. And below you can see the channels with the total total number of video views plus our rank. When you scan thru this list you notice that video content as the potential to fetch Ugandan content creators up to $ 10 Million a year, if and when the video producers go by the book.

The range of the earnings are calculated according to Youtube analytics where estimates are placed within upper and lower limits, based on their daily views multiplied by a low cost-per-thousand impression advertising (CPM) rate of $0.60 and a high rate of $5. The range is wide to account for differences in the type of ad (including kinds of banner ads and pre-roll) and brand value. These estimates also assume that every video is monetized, which is not always the case. Even after subtracting Google’s 45% cut, these YouTube channels (celebs, media houses and music promoters) have got it made. However, YouTube partners have terms against publically discussing the income that they make from YouTube and so we could not go ahead to verify the figures grossed by the different video creators to get the exact figures.


top 25 ugandan youtube channels