Uganda’s 10 most Influential People on Facebook

Uganda's 10 most Influential People on Facebook

Here are Uganda’s Facebook Celebs

Facebook by default levels the playing field and gives anyone the chance to become an influence in society (every one virtually has the same rights) and the Facebook virtual world at large, many of those who are very influential have been around for a long time say your everyday Ugandan celebrities from the different spheres of life. A few people stand out as highly influential however this isn’t a popularity contest, but these people help “steer” this virtual world to a real-life community called “Facebook the Uganda edition”. Without further ado, here are the 10 most influential people on Facebook they also happen to write the most compelling posts and curate viral content.

1. Joram Kawira


Well his Facebook profile information “shews” that he works and cleans Dust from the Empty Trophy Cabinet at Arsenal. Well I guess this was his job during Arsenal’s trophy-drought-spell and he must have lost his job after the long awaited FA CUP 2014 triumph. Jokes aside. His the only man that holds a Facebook record for people liking and commenting on a post way before he even clicks the post it button.

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His continuously found of insouciant and nonchalant stories which turnout to have a magnetic gravitational attraction to be shared, liked and comment by a legion of Ugandans on Facebook. He also has a tremendous female audience you had right (both on his wall and inbox).

People (including reputable Facebook pages) will Xerox and postiche his posts from the past by reposting them and surprisingly (his posts are timeless) they still remain as sweet as the first time you read or heard them. Joram also has cross-border appeal that his own original posts are often translated by Nigerian Facebook pages and reproduced as Akpos. So actually Joram deserves to be called “Uganda’s Akpos”.Nuff said.


As a technologist which field of ICT would he influence?        

For an advertiser who’s looking for a marketing avenue on Facebook that can reach the greatest number of Facebook users with good engagement in terms of feedback and reaction .Trust me Joram can guarantee you bigger traction than a normal Facebook Advertisement.

Joram can also head Content Creation or content marketing in short if you want to create and curate relevant and valuable content. Joram Kawira is your man.


Ritah_Love_Kaggwa2. Ritah Love Kaggwa

She’s a Ugandan residing in the UK .From the posts on her wall one can clearly tell she’s home sick and desirous of ways of the life of an everyday Ugandan woman and she’s also a renowned gossip or drama queen (of course these are not my words but the words of people who read her posts). Her love for causerie and grapevine can simply not be quenched in the UK. She’s been the cause-célèbre of a lot of Facebook stories that end up in the tabloids and online media. She’s also widely feared and makes everyone on Facebook live in consternation and if she told me to put down this post, I would first run for a dear life on foot all the way from Kampala to Mombasa then delete this article thereafter eh! That woman. On an affirmative note she’s a great mediator for Ugandans in the UK in short she’s a self-appointed ambassador of good will –and always in know about anything Ugandan in the diaspora wait South Sudan is not part of the diaspora. I mean Europe, North America and some parts of South Africa (Only where the Sangomas live and work). She also deserves a Facebook Heroine medal has she’s also a “freedom fighter” for the rights of many a Ugandan in the UK and Europe at large.

As a technologist which field of ICT would she influence?      

Since gossip travels faster than light Ritah Love Kaggwa would be the engine of your marketing department especially for viral advertising, or marketing buzz.



3. Peng Peng


He used to be Uganda’s most unapprehensive personality on Facebook until the emergence of the calumnious Mary Luswata. Raymond Soulfa is a Ugandan residing in Vesterås Sweden .He changes names more than a chameleon changes its colour but don’t let that fool you his loyal fans (including me) follow him through and through and surprisingly his haters created an “anti-Peng Peng” to discredit his homiletics .He used to go by the names of “Peng Peng” but had previously traded as “Urban Hustler” and his latest name being Raymond Soulfa which is no longer a persona-non-grata to anyone but a much reformed version of him.

He will attack everyone including “himself” am sure you wondering who does that? It’s Kabaka Peng Peng but surprisingly he will attack himself but shockingly spare Bebe Cool even at the point of the bayonet. He also has Intel on all the dirty linen (sex tapes ,nude selfies and sex innuendos) of every Ugandan on Facebook yes you had right including yourself now that’s power Peng Peng phosphorescence’s, he could single-handedly tittle-tattle the entire TechJaja team to bring down this article. On a sober note his Uganda’s most active and followed Facebook video content creator (according to metrics) on top of him having a lot of engagement. With hundreds of comments and likes so his Uganda’s reigning video content king. On behalf of the team I apologize for any inconveniences Mr.Peng Peng please don’t release our nude #selfies after this. Nuff said.

As a technologist which field of ICT would he influence?

Viral advertising, or marketing buzz.

Video content creation

On a good day he would make a very peachy TV presenter.


frank gashumba

4. Frank Gashumba

Frank Gashumba is a self-made, media-made and a Facebook fortified personality. Well if you carried a systematic survey amongst people on Facebook on who would be the ideal President of Uganda on “Facebook” .Many a Ugandan will tell you motor-mouth Frank Gashumba would be the undisputed-winner of Facebook Presidential elections on any day. Very powerful man that “Gashumba” man, he can single-handily discredit an entire awards ceremony if his only daughter fails to get apportionment of the teenage awards by and large, his rants carry a lot of weight and for the record Sheila Gashumba also deserves an honorary mention for the most powerful teenager on Facebook in Uganda .Nuff said about the “Facebook First Family” back to His Excellency (assuming Gashumba is Facebook president). Meanwhile Frank Gasumba is the puissant, herculean, and most powerful Ugandan politician on Facebook. Well his not a politician but for the lack of a better word lets settle for politician but human rights activists would also fit the equation.

As a technologist which field of ICT would he influence?            

Open Data, Open governance, Open API’s.

And he can get you contacts to venture capitalists (a network of influencers) if at all we have any here in Uganda.

His Facebook post could also fetch a lot of mileage and traction of your mobile application or website so reach unto to him and you will get a great number of users for your applications.


5. Joel Isabirye                                                                                                                                         

joel Isabirye

Uganda’s most-powerful-radio-personality. Wait, he does all that without appearing on air (I mean presenting) but this man as power (on Uganda radio) actually for lack of a better word I will call it combustibleness. If you thought Golola Moses was powerful think twice if he meant Joel Isabirye at a radio station Golola Moses would run for a dear life. Enough with the superlatives but Joel Isabirye is single most important person who can influence-peddle the content of all major radio stations in Uganda and thus audience. To calculate the power of Joel Isabirye you need to get the number of radio stations in Uganda to the power 8 .So as a technology entrepreneur you need guys like Joel Isabirye to guide your software product development so that it can fit in a Ugandan context in terms of his wealthy vast understanding and knowledge of any audience segment in Uganda .He also does a lot of audience research and the day he open sources his findings inform of datasets I will be the happiest Uganda this year and will leverage that for Open Data. His also a torrid music critic and he would be great expositor for our start-ups like and

6. Denzel Charlie Mwiyeretsi


By far the craziest Ugandan on Facebook well that’s not enough delirium from me to you .Just check out Denzel’s Facebook newsfeed (Facebook wall) and you will get crazy in a minute but that’s not enough go to his Twitter account and you will be admitted to Butabika Psychiatric & Mental hospital well now you know where to go whenever you bored on Facebook .Denzel is at your service a free comedy ticket right on your fingertips but a quick word of precaution and advice please don’t try it at home and oftentimes his posts are PG rated and we advise you to turn on parental guidance mode on your browser before you even attempt peeping at his Facebook posts and well that’s not enough of Denzel needs to have his own custom made mobile application with a special algorithm to vet which kind of content you consume from him. But wait a minute we all like Denzel I love his posts. I would be the first person to petition Denzel if he ever stops being crazy on Facebook. In short Denzel is that eccentric, freakish, capricious fellow that you would like to be if only Facebook allowed you to post anonymously. On a light note Denzel also defies the law of short attention span on long posts his posts are long but sweet by every little all the way to the last full stop.

As a technologist which field of ICT would he influence?

Well Denzel could make any crazy nonsensical mobile phone application go viral yes you had right .Things like a Ugandan Snapchat or even a nude selfie mobile application. Denzel would be your go to professional because Denzel is not afraid to parade himself in Adam’s suit with zero resistance.

He also has cross border appeal in Africa especially after his unfair short sojourn in “Big Brother Africa The Chase” so expect a huge following from SouthAfrica ,Namibia ,Kenya ,Nigeria and Ghana respectively .Dear developer you should thank me now for letting you know who can test drive your crazy mobile application probably has crazy has measuring the size of the male reproductive organ.


7. Kaddu Yusuf

kaddu Yusuf

Kaddu is the world’s-best-Luganda writer on Facebook and he would take that title on any day.He has very compelling Luganda writing skills that his Facebook posts are commented on by Mzungu’s in Silicon Valley California and West Minister’s Abbey (burial sites for British monarchs) comment on his posts yes even Russians, Croatian and South-Koreans. Well this guy posts in Luganda but he has so much appeal that on a normal day Olara Otunnu will comment on his posts in Luganda .Actually his Android phone is running Android Luganda version that’s still being tested. Don’t make his writing in Luganda fool you or make you think he doesn’t write or speak English his a great orator and his main audience on Facebook is made up of females. His just recently launched the first Miss Facebook Uganda beauty pageant with lofty pay cheque for the winner. If you still a doubting Thomas try hacking into his Facebook account and you will be shocked to find over a thousand and one females in his inbox. Word around Facebook is this guy is a nationalist sorry I meant “Luganda-ist” and his preparing to become the Facebook Chief Etofali collector. Sebo wabalenyo sabasaja awagale ne nabagereka agerekale obuganda netofali mwogele okulisonda. (Please note Direct translation Thanks to the King of Buganda and The Queen, continue the collecting “brick” campaign) .

So from Kaddu expect good infomercials and infographics tailored for a Luganda audience.

Ngonya Zilinya Ki” ask #KadduYusuf


As a technologist which field of ICT would he influence?            

Kaddu would make any mobile application go viral in Uganda yes and he would simply do one thing translating it in Luganda hi

Natural languages, Machine learning, Content Creation.

8. James Onen FatBoy

James Onen (Fat Boy)

His the most hated-and-loved Ugandan on Facebook .Yes I know you wondering why the oxymoron. OH right Ugandans naturally hate people who think differently especially the open-minded folks. Now Fatboy is that guy who you always think is wrong but when he posts you see a million and one reasons why you were wrong and yes has a “Ugandan” you hate to be told you wrong. His so open-minded that Denzel would be jealous of FatBoy’s open-mildness’. Just like Fatboy quotes William Kingdon Clifford on his wall “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” Now guys below is the evidence just before Fat Boy dismisses our article.

His content has a lot of engagement (likes and comments) as well as page impression of people who are afraid to comment or like in fear of identifying with Fatboy views and opinion.

His also one of the few journalists who have clearly embraced social media and new media like podcasts in his everyday journo-life .So if you a journalist this is the guy to follow and embrace. Otherwise is also a great and heavy gadget user as a piece of every smartphone an IPhone, the mighty Windows Phone, Samsung and a Blackberry so expect a good review of your mobile phone by him from all platforms in one go and also a renowned gamer .You can also check out his FATBOY UNPLUGGED PODCASTS at


9. Ian Ortega

Ian Ortega

So have you ever wondered why everyone gets their breakthrough at 19 years. Look no further then Ian Ortega Facebook page his by far the youngest most-influential-Ugandan on Facebook (Ian now 21 years of age). This young exuberant son to the late Kevin Aliro(RIP) is a budding entrepreneur, and a very open minded fellow and he will never massage you with a lie.Ian Ortega is also co-founder of Social entertainment website, and you can follow his personal blog at . You will be shocked that the young lad is also a pickup artist well if you don’t know who a pickup artist is? it’s a man who practices finding, attracting, and seducing women feel free to follow up in his personal blog at


10. Tom Voltaire Okwalinga Tvo

Intentionally made to be the last on the list for his ghost status. Allow me to say non-existent .TVO rides, sleeps and spies on spies even as far as state house. Pseudo named Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) an individual who’s always in incognito mode armed with a Facebook account that the intelligence agencies keep guessing who really runs it. The indefatigable Facebook bug, whose posts define a hardliner intent to fight the ruling NRM government using the social media TVO calls the hunt “guess expedition”. It’s by far the most controversial account and me being a geek and not a politician I will not dig into it. And one thing I can assure you is TVO would be a great guy to start wiki-leaks the Uganda version more like Julian Assange with a mobile application or website that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. More like a whistle blower of sorts this kind of information can also foster Open governance, and open data.

As a technologist which field of ICT would he influence? 

Open governance. Open Data. Whistle blowing A good security adviser talk about set a thief to catch a thief kinda of thing. Both ethical and criminal hacker but we discourage you from reaching him on the former.


 Other honorary mentions

However honorary mentions to the following Anne Kansiime who commands close to 400,000 likes to be exact 397,903 likes more than MTN Uganda at 351,337 likes and NTV Uganda at 214,630 likes. Her Facebook content in terms of posts, pictures and videos are liked by thousands and commented by hundreds.

Notable is number one entertainment journalist Kuku Wa Zambaga aka Kasuku , kakensa henry ndugwa , Genesis David.

Are there any we missed? Any you don’t agree with? Let your voice be heard in the comments. This is just a sampling of the awesome people on Facebook. There are many, many others in almost every field, niche, or industry imaginable. So my questions for you are:

Who are your favorites?

Who would you like to add to this list and why?