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Godfrey Mutabazi Speaks to Journalist at press conference

UCC has set a new date for MTN Uganda’s license renewal, having earlier made a notice to the public inviting for their input about MTN’s license renewal late last year. UCC is yet to issue MTN Uganda Ltd an evaluation report on March 13, 2018, as per the new public notice.

MTN Uganda is currently the biggest telecommunication network in Uganda with a subscriber base of over 18 Million subscribers. This puts the company in the public spotlight given its immense size commanding over 56% of the entire market. Nevertheless, the public hearing session shall be held at the UCC’s conference hall in Bugolobi on March 26, 2018.

Telecom operators in Uganda are all regulated by UCC and MTN’s license renewal not only reflects that other Telecommunication companies should focus on improving their services offered to subscribers, who in return defend the company. But rather a new revolution for rival Telecommunication companies such as Airtel and Africell to further improve the services they offer to subscribers to win them over.

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MTN needs the public on its side in order for UCC to grant it a new licence.