After four years, Uber has released a new version of its mobile app. The new App which is currently only on iOS and Android version is coming soon.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new icon, which ditches the green background of the previous app for a black and white icon. Once opened, you will see a completely new map imagery with redesigned car models that scuttle around. The highlight is the Destination bar, which prioritizes your destination over which vehicle you want to choose. You will notice you are not able to move your pin around anymore until you enter your destination first, which feels a bit useful.


Uber to learn your movements

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If you don’t want to type your destination, you will find that the app also suggests three of your most travelled to destinations, two of which can be your home and work, if you have them configured. The app will also be able to connect to your calendar and suggest places where you have appointments to. In future, Uber will be able to get location of your friends (if they choose to provide it) and instead of you driving to a location the app will let you drive to wherever they are by entering their name.