Twitter reportedly eyeing SoundCloud

twitter music

After twitter music failed last year, that didn’t mean that twitter gave up for its ambitions plans to re-enter the music streaming business. According to Recode, Twitter is considering purchasing SoundCloud, one of the internet’s best homes for sharing music. The details of the amounts of cash to be exchanged are not clear but the company raised a funding round that valued it at $700 million at the beginning of  this year. SoundCloud considers it’s self as the YouTube of music.

This rumored buy-out will highly benefit the social media company — as SoundCloud is already known as one of the premiere go to music services for sharing music. SoundCloud has over 250 million member community of users who can leave comments on any specific point of an uploaded song or audio file they choose. Most of the music uploaded to SoundCloud is now widely shared on Twitter, and its music files are easily embeddable across the internet this will make integration of the two services seamless.