Twitter – More real estate, More Facebook-esque

Twitter new

Checked your Twitter Account lately?

Am not talking about mobile/tablet either.. I’m talking crude desktop browser twitter – yep, that one.
  • If you have, then you’ve probably seen the in-your-face heads-up that they’ve revamped the social media platform’s look. Although they haven’t changed their color scheme much [yep, it’s still bluish], they’ve introduced a whole load of white where black background with the dark chrome grille pattern used to be.Twitter new
  • Twitter has also decided to use up all the real-estate on the screen as opposed to the previous in-the-middle-of-the-page style. It actually does eat up the whole screen now – but that’s only if you decide to check out the new design.
  • Loooove to look at your avi [or anybody else’s] much? Well, then, you’ll love that your avi [that’s full for avatar, by the way] can now be larger than your Windows PC icons in thumbnail mode. Twitter now offers a larger display box for your avatar, so we can now take the selfie-games to a whole new level!t2
  • Also, your cover photo… It JUST. GOT. BIGGER! As it turns out, since your twitter page now fills the whole screen, there’s much much MUCH more space for your cover photo, and when I say much more, I mean it spans from screen edge to screen edge! Totally kewl!t3
  • If you’ve used Facebook before, you might [or not] be familiar with groups and group administrators can pin a post to the group such that the pinned post stay at the top of the group and is displayed before any other posts regardless of how old or popular. Twitter now allows you to pin your own tweets so that you can make yourself heard. If you’re a comedian, you’d probably pin one of your funniest, and if you’re a muggle – well, move along.t4
  • In all honesty, it does look like Twitter went and did a Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V from Facebook’s design book. Bigger avatars & cover photos, pinned things, color changes and all do give it a fresh look, but they have a hard-to-ignore familiar semblance to it’s counterpart Facebook. As the saying goes; If the shoe fits…..well, we all know how that ends.