Top 40 Most Visited Ugandan Websites

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Is there a website that you can’t go a day without checking? Chances are, a few thousand or even millions of people share the same favorite website to be rendered on their browser every day of the week. But what is the most visited website in Uganda?? Well for the record the current metric for determining the most visited website by every internet marketing guru is Alexa which at the moment is very fraudulent and misleading but this is not a tongue and cheek article on the tool of choice however has a piece of advice Alexa should only be used as only a benchmark, not as gospel, because its grossly misleading and the results can be tweaked if you follow a cheat-sheet that’s widely available on the web.

Fast forward to answer many an ardent website traffic bigots, the debate of the most visited website in Uganda boils as hot as the hinges of hell as every interpreneur, website administrator, blogger, ardent Facebook-ers ,followers of real Facebook-ers and many that just get caught up by the bug to share, comment and like on any allegation without paying sensibility to the hypothesis of the compiled data sets or research.

However unlike what I intended to write about I will concentrate on only estimated visits to the particular domains (websites) for the month of February by Desktop browsing and I will not dive deep into the demagogues of  engagement that is (Time on website ,average page views and  Bounce rate)but I will write up a much more comprehensive prose piece complete with data visualization and interactive data sets when I get done with the exercise that I think will be fool proof and can appease any propagandist’s, antagonists or opinionated fellows how may refute the findings as the report is supposed to be transparent and open to the public domain.

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How where the measurements arrived to? from a combination of data scraping, powerful web crawlers and click-stream data from a proprietary panel of tens of millions of users worldwide through an integration to a third party application which supplements the information collected by the proprietary panel and analyzes over 1 billion pages a day supplying input data for sophisticated Similarity, Category and Content Analysis engines.

Just to note the website visits are estimates but close to what your website logs(CGI & Perl Scripts real server logs ) and these are not page views but website visits specifically the month of February and are the methodology is uniform across all websites.

Ladies and gentleman the following are the top most visited Ugandan websites according website visits only.

  1.   970,000
  2.   890,000
  3.   460,000
  4.  330,000
  5.  280,000
  6.    230,000
  7.   160,000
  8.     160,000
  9.   130,000
  10.     120,000

  11.   120,000
  12.  110,000
  13.  110,000
  14.  100,000
  15.  85,000
  16.  80,000
  17.  80,000
  18.  75,000
  19.  65,000
  20.  55,000

  21.  55,000
  22.  55,000
  23.  50,000
  24.  50,000
  25. 45,000
  26.  35,000
  27. 30,000
  28. 30,000
  29.  25,000
  30.  25,000

  31.  25,000
  32. 20,000
  33. 20,000
  34.  20,000
  35. 20,000
  36.  20,000
  37.  15,000
  38. 15,000
  39.  15,000
  40.  10,000