Here are the top 10 global conversations of 2016 on Twitter

twitter timeline

Twitter has released what led our conversations of 2016 on the microblogging platform. As you would expect, spectacular sporting events, politics, social issues, TV, games among others trended for the most part of the year and thus scored a placement on the list.

Here is a breakdown of what events led the conversations on Twittersphere, since the microblogging platform bests most social networks in leading live conversations across the globe.  

NOTE: The following events are categorized in descending order

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The biggest sporting event of the year was the Rio Olympics and the USA triumphed with 46 Gold medals, 37 of Silver and finally 38 Medals of Bronze. It was followed closely by China with 70 overall medals and Great Britain with 67.


Most countries have held elections this year and many have come with surprises. The US elected Donald Trump, Pres. Museveni scored big here, Gambia just said goodbye to Yahya Jammeh and Ghananians are soon deciding but overall the US election led the pack.


This augmented reality hit game scored big with 45 million daily active users at its peak only for the hype to die out in months leading to the year’s closure, but still, it made headlines.


The European Cup brings together top dogs in European football to compete for one of the most prized soccer trophies. Portugal won this year.


The Academy Awards of 2016 weren’t without surprises with Leonardo DiCaprio emerging the best actor for his role in the movie, The Revenant. This ended his long Oscar drought since time immemorial. Congs the Wolf of 2016 Oscars.


The UK held a referendum deciding to secede from EU in what has come to be known as #Brexit. The vote was in favor and it has since shaken the European Bloc. The issue has now found its way to the Palace of Westminster awaiting debate from British Parliamentarians.

— Twitter (@twitter) December 5, 2016


The Black activist movement has made headlines over social issues affecting the African-Americans like police brutality, racial profiling and inequality.


US President-Elect, Donald Trump won the college vote to become the 45th president of the United States of America. Mocked by mainstream media, he defied odds to win favorite, Hillary Clinton who took the popular vote instead.


Many icons lost their lives in the year 2016. Notable ones include Prince, Robert Vaughn, Gene Wilder, Mohamed Ali among others. May their souls rest in peace.


The season 6 premier of this HBO hit show once again hit the headlines with fan favorite(Spoiler alert), Jon Snow awakening from the hollows of death  and so many interesting events that took place. It wounds the list for conversation drivers of 2016.