This YouTube video has reportedly sparked off high terror alert in Uganda

high terror alert in Uganda

A controversial YouTube video that was published on 9th may 2015 by the Al-Shabaab has reportedly caused high terror alert in Uganda. The online video above called “the final message of the Kampala warrior” has now gone viral on social media .

According to the Daily Monitor, a statement that was released by security agencies reads;

[signoff icon=”quote-circled”]“The Police and its sister security agencies are actively examining the contents and authenticity of a YouTube link the final message of the Kampala warrior. As the public already knows the threat of terrorism whether real or perceived has never been taken for granted by security”[/signoff]

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We urge all Ugandans to be extra vigilant as the Police has warned that the attackers were now planning to harm Uganda due to our participation in fighting al-Shabaab in Somalia since 2007. The video gives no specific details on when and how the attacks will occur, but the security and intelligence community continues to gather more information on this alleged threat.