This week @Techjaja (week 7 2014)

From wifi hunts to judging one of Uganda’s LTE networks, News and opinions have has kept flowing in this week. We finally got to know our regulator’s unofficial opinion about mobile number portability, I got to throw my HTC One in water and was able to revive the bastard up, and this is what you missed.


Kampala, the city of free Wi-Fi

By Ronald Kasagga @sagas2k7

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We’ve all been there, that moment when your thirst for the internet cannot be quenched by the MBs left on your modem. Whether to watch a video on YouTube, Facebook or WhatsApp or even download a really large attachment, it soon becomes apparent to the average Ugandan that it’s never enough.

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How these grains of rice saved my Smartphone


By Roger Bambino @rogekk

Two days of restlessness and I felt like a bewicthed mad person on the streets, surely something was missing — a big hole — left bored in my heart. Reminds me of those Nigerian movies where juju was the norm of the day, that’s how I felt, jinxed.

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Telecom Regulator UCC will reportedly not enforce Mobile Number Portability, and here is the reason why

By Bristol Remmie   Twitter @S_Remmie

You will excuse me for not taking you through what MNP (Mobile Number Portability) actually means, but if you have been living in a cage you can read through our previous articles to get up to speed. Its simply switching from one mobile operator to another without having to change your mobile number.

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Russell Southwood takes Smile’s LTE for a spin and here is what he had to say

By Farooq Gessa  Twitter @mousalgf

The advent of 4G LTE in Uganda has changed the way people use the internet in Uganda, as it came with fast speeds and its that time for the rest of the world to judge. Well Russell Southwood, the CEO of Balancing Act looks at how LTE is working on Smile’s network in Kampala and marvels whether this might be how

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We successfully introduced higher Internet access speed services: MTN CEO

By Techjaja Staff @techjaja

For over 15 years MTN has graced the Ugandan mobile airwaves and has retained its position as the undisputed market leader in the industry. Last week The MTN CEO, Mazen Mroué was interviews by The Independent , and he had a lot to say about the past, present and future of MTN Uganda.

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