This is Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app


The world of social media has today ushered in yet another service, this is Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app. Twitter acquired this company in January for a reported $100 million. With Periscope, you will be able to stream yourself live: it’s also a way to play those streams back and interact with messages and hearts.

Periscope arrives today on iPhone, with streams also viewable on the web. (An Android version is coming soon.) Periscope has come in a space which is already dominated by Meerkat, a service which also allows you to broadcast whatever you’re doing — whether it’s breaking news or making playing a game — live, through video, with a couple of taps. But, unlike Meerkat, Periscope can save streams so that you can replay them later, a feature which could be its most distinguishing killer feature — and the main reason that it’s likely to become most people’s live-streaming platform of choice.


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Source: Periscope (Apple Store)