This Is Microsoft’s Keyboard For Android and iOS Tablets

Microsoft Keyboard_3

In a surprising move, Microsoft has made a keyboard for iOS, Android, and Windows tablets. This is a super smart move from Microsoft as it tries to diversify and embrace the presence of it’s competition focusing on providing software, services, and even hardware for everyone. This new Universal Mobile Keyboard is like Logitech’s K480 keyboard, but the difference here is that this has a flip button that can switch between iOS, Android, and Windows Bluetooth modes.

Opening up the Game

Microsoft is opening up the game and is now supporting iOS and Android on it’s keyboards, and indeed the company has gone a step further this time. On this new keyboard there is an Android home key and a cmd key typically found on Apple keyboards. One weird observation with this Keyboard is that it bares no Windows logo  — a rare move for the company. That makes this tablet keyboard the only one in Microsoft’s range of wired and wireless keyboards without the traditional Windows key.

There is also a rechargeable battery integrated into the keyboard will last for six months of usage on a single charge according to Microsoft. It will cost $79.95 and the Universal Mobile Keyboard will be available in October.