This Ice Cream can change color once licked

icecream change color

The Chameleon ice-cream

icecream change color

Whats your ice-cream flavor? Which ever you mention, it will have a different color with different ingredients. A scientist Manuel Linares has created a secret ingredient that, when you sprinkle it on ice cream, causes it to slowly alter in color once licked.

 It is the same old ice cream we have all come to love as its all natural, so there’s no need to worry about waking up with any side effects after digesting it. The ice-cream is called Xamaleon, and it wont morph color by its self — rather, a secret ingredient the scientist calls “love elixir” is put on the ice cream once it has been scooped into the cone.

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This substance spurs the ice cream to transform in color due to the temperature and acidity changes that take place when the dessert is licked. These exotic fruits are said to be part of this secret ingredient, giving it a fruity taste.

Currently this new invention is still pending patent approval, and will eventually be joined by other desserts the maker has in the pipeline.