It is interesting when you get to know the kind of smartphone applications that are used by the local populaces in Uganda. We know that there are way more Android users in Uganda compared to iOS and this is largely attributed to the cost effectiveness and affordability of Android devices, whose prices can be as low as UGX 100,000 which is not the case of iPhones.

Ratings and reviews are aggregated at a country level by Apple, while Google aggregates their app rating and ranking data at a language level. This makes it very difficult data miners to attribute ratings to a specific country since, for example, many countries speak English as their primary language. Instead of inaccurately attributing ratings to specific countries, which made it hard for us to get the Android app usage data.

This top Charts data is available for single dates only because top chart rankings change day to day and in this case this data was extracted for 24th August 2017. This Top Charts report from appannie directly represents the rankings mobile users see on the app stores’. There are the 100 Top Charts for the top free and paid iOS apps as used by Ugandans who own iPhones.

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Top Charts for the top free and paid iOS