The upcoming Gear s2 Smartwatch looks beautiful, but will it put Samsung in the lead?

Gear 2 on Instagram

[blockquote right=”pull-left”][/blockquote] Samsung has always made Smartwatches and for each iteration– even after they try to bundle it with a smartphone– the sales are always lackluster. This year, Samsung skipped to announce its up coming Gear s2 with the Note 5 and Galaxy s6 Edge+ and has kept the official announcement for IFA in Germany next month. However, Samsung wants everyone not forget that it has a new smartwatch coming. We’ve seen several glimpses of this watch at a fashion shoot of the Gear s2 smartwatch, and today we’re getting another look at it courtesy of some Instagram shots.   The studio head of Samsung Design America has shared a photo of the watch on his wrist and damn!!!!! It looks gorgeous and beautiful with its fully round face. He put a caption “Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive. #samsung #watch #wearable #nextlevel” We think it’s because of its shear beauty that Samsung cannot hold back and keep leaking its own device. Samsung has been making major improvements in design lately, with the latest Galaxy Devices and it seems pretty clear that it’ll extend to smartwatch hardware and software design. There are two questions on everyone’s mind now. [blockquote]

Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive. #samsung #watch #wearable #nextlevel A photo posted by Dennis Miloseski (@papanosio) on


First of all, if rumors are to be believed, the Gear S2 will run Samsung’s own Tizen OS and not Android Wear. So, how well will that software work or will it be accepted by the masses? Second, Will the Gear s2 smartwatch turn Samsung’s fortune and put it in the number one Smartwatch spot and be a success. My guess is no to both answers since we’ve been there and done that. My previous thoughts on Smartwatches still remain the same and they are universal to all Smartwatches irrespective of the OS, design and manufacturer. May be something will change along the way but for now  we’ll have to wait until the Watch’s September 3rd unveiling to hear more of the Gear s2 smartwatch story.