The Nokia Lumia 1520 photo leaks: A humongous phone code named ‘Bandit’

At this rate of Lumia leaks, we shall never be left with any element of surprise by the time they Launch them. Based on a picture that was posted on the verge forums today, Nokia seems to be working on a Nokia Lumia 1520. The rumors speculate that its a humongous Full HD capable 6-inch device. No confirmation has been made on the leak so far and its authenticity is still under balance.

The phone is currently under the code name Bandit and will feature the common horse power quad core processor from Qualcomm another first for the Windows phone platform. According to Evleak’s twitter post, the Bandit would be sold under the Lumia 1520 name.

Nokia has been on a roll of leaks this month as few weeks back photos of a Nokia Windows RT tablet leaked.