The new Bluetooth 4.2 standard is the foundation for the Internet of Things

Bluetooth headset

The Bluetooth BSIG (Special Interest Group) a non- profit group has today announced  the next standard for the wireless technology — Bluetooth version 4.2 . The new Bluetooth aims to improve privacy, speed, and also brings IP connectivity to devices that support it, meaning sensors and other smart devices can connect straight to the internet. This makes Bluetooth 4.2 “the foundation for the Internet of Things.”

The new standard will make home automation a lot easier, with smart products such as light bulbs, thermostats, and door sensors able to access to the internet without the use of another go-between device. The BSIG says the new standard will scale with the market and let developers make devices that can easily communicate with each other.

Tracking device via Bluetooth  will be more difficult with this new standard. Bluetooth 4.2 uses less power and is quicker, too, allowing data transfer up to 2.5 times faster than earlier versions.

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Image  Credit: Wikipedia