Credit: Samsung YouTube

Well, the beef is on again as Samsung is back to do what it does best — mocking Apple and its fans. Its been a while since the Galaxy S8 maker attacked Apple directly for some time, but with the Launch of the iPhone X, there is a bigger threat. We shall neglect that fact that Samsung manufacturers the screens on the latest iPhone flagship device.

A new commercial highlights the Samsung vs. Apple war, and plays heavily on that trope. Samsung starts out by poking fun at iPhones running out of space over the years, thanks to Apple’s constant use of 16GB of storage. In a flashback to 2013 we see the Galaxy Note 3 with its 5.5-inch display, and Apple continuing to use a “small” 4-inch panel for the iPhone 5S. 2016 mocks the waterproof feature on the Galaxy series, while the iPhone sits in a bowl of rice. 2017 is the year of the iPhone dongle, with a ridiculous accessory  used to charge and listen to music at the same time. Does this mean Samsung will still keep the headphone jack on its next flagship phones?

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The commercial is called  “growing up,” as we see the iPhone addict switch to a Galaxy Note 8 as people line up for the new iPhone X with top notch haircuts. The general theme is that Samsung is always a step ahead of Apple in terms of hardware, something Android fans will be quick to point out in any comment section on any website in the entire world. A flurry of spec comparison photos will usually accompany these debates, with little consideration for the implementation of the technology described.