The Huawei G526 review

Huawei’s Plastic LTE phone comes out to play

This is not about the traditional Chinese phones we are accustomed to and those funny names that they are baptized. People have it that whatever comes from china is fake. But for sure the Chinese came up with this impressing piece and considering the traction of android share they command. I don’t think they are set to relax else they lose that stand so we should expect a lot from them. So Huawei  came up with the Ascend G526-L11 trying to answer the above. Considering the fact that they have driven Korean OEM LG from the third place in smartphone shipments to a distant fourth, It proves some good work coming out of them. Especially with the Ascend line.

Same Old Emotion UI

My hands on experience with this phone was long over due, and will be fair, but we have different tastes and expectations but luckily enough it won a small portion of my critic heart.

Starting with the UI, its got the Huawei proprietary UI, the Emotion UI v1.5 — its a good UI but still not quiet impressive like what other OEMs offer take for example the sense from HTC. Huawei strives much to copy Apple’s iOS UI design but that doesn’t fly for Android phones — let Android be Android however much its an ‘Open Source’ mobile OS. I think HTC named theirs sense because it truly makes sense — Sorry the Huawei fans but the UI built on top of Android lacked the menu icon and much more felt like an iPhone clone than a proprietary UI from Huawei but it was quiet  responsive and felt easy to use with a 540×960 pixels, 4.5 inch (245 ppi) IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.

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A Plastic Design All The Way

The Huawei Ascend G526 is a great mid-range piece especially for folks who have no worries holding phones with plastic covers.Sorry folks used to that premium metal casing . Its  134.5×67.5×9 mm in dimensions  weighing 150g it felt really light in my pockets and hands. The device runs on Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) and is powered by a 1,2 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM. Those looking at space should be ready to accommodate a micro SD card for expansion as the device packs 4GB of  internal storage and it can be expandable up to 32GB.  On the other hand i had issues with internal space. It seems the emotion UI takes up a great portion of internal memory so i had to insert an SD card to accommodate extra storage.

Today life is all about memories,good,sad and whatever you may call it. But its becoming a trend to capture such moments through lenses or what i would otherwise call sensors.Its good if really the above mentioned moments are clearly outstanding and can live to tell without  oral explanations accompanying them. The  pictures should speak for themselves. The device packs  a 5MP, 2592×1944 pixels camera with auto focus,LED flash and  video recording of 720p plus a VGA front facing camera. Its a disappointment to folks doing a lot  of video calls as the front facing shooter isn’t impressive with similar devices packing at least 2MP shooters. But you can judge with the shots i took below and tell how the camera performs.


Equipped With 4G-LTE All The Way

It ran really well on most 3G networks and you will forgive me for the 4G network as i only managed to use it over the Orange Network . I got this impression that 3G was  and i only managed to use it on the Orange 4G network. It worked really well and could stream without buffering except for some instances when there was a network Switch. But i had some reception problems and could at times switch to 3G though its unnoticeable to an average user. You understand 4G is available in limited places but Kampala is blessed for having 4G reception especially the Central Business District where i carried out the tests. Like always the question unanswered by most OEMs is the battery question and so the G526 isn’t excluded from this. the devices packs a Li-Ion 1950 mAh battery capable of supporting up to 648hrs and 336hrs on 2G and 3G respectively according to the manufacturer but i failed to beat those hours as my battery drained a little more quick. With the exception of having data off, the battery managed to run for a long time without charging.