The Era of The Kiira: SMACK EV

Making of the Kiira EV SMACK

Uganda is known for many things, some worth reckoning and worth being proud of and others quite shameful. Sadly, this stereotype has crept on into the minds and hearts of our country men and caused us to shun our very own. This is evident in the way we treat our very own apps, our very own inventions. This time, things will be different, for it’s the dawn of a new age.

After last week’s teaser post, in the coming weeks we shall get to explore more about the future of car green technology in Uganda.  From the pleasantly unmysterious think tanks off Ntinda road; curved, forged and wrought from the minds, hands and unwavering passion of a team of dedicated Ugandan scientists, a splendid masterpiece of rubber, metal, plastic and a wealth of circuitry comes to life in a sublime synergy of breath-taking awesomeness.

Ladies and gentlemen, a masterpiece roams among us, along the asphalt pathways of our great city, Kampala. The team at CEDAT also soon to be known as Kiira Motors Corporation brings you, the Kiira EV SMACK, their heart, their joy and their pride. Believe me when I say, it’s a good time to be alive.

“Every curve over and under the hood is by design”

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The product is completely in-house, designed and built, one iron cut inch at a time by the worthwhile spent blood and sweat of the Kiira EV Team; a cocktail of some of the most vibrant youthful minds our very soil has ever dared to breed. Every edge, every curve over and under the hood is by design!

Over the next couple of weeks, techjaja will take you where few have dared to go before in a series we have named ‘The Era of The Kiira‘ in our long-form featured posts that will showcase what the Kiira really is, with exclusive interviews. Next week, join us as we dive deep into the cool features that Kiira Motors has in store for you in their brand new flagship vehicle, the SMACK EV.

We would like to hear from you, in case you have any specific questions about this hybrid EV car, please leave us your questions. We love your voices, thoughts and opinions. So please leave us a comment below.