The Digital Exodus: How far are we?

Burning Questions

Its the cry that’s making me really get an answer to this question. Its not from us at Techjaja but its the masses wanting to answers not forgetting the word practical answers to the above questions. What is digital migration? Its one of those questions that really needs an answer for the program to really thrive. Is it like taking a road from analog street, village, city or whatever you may call it to digital space? What road should i use? By what means? So many questions come up with a mention of digital migration. On the other hand there are the elite, who truly understand what it means or I would request their effort to help explain this massive exodus.

Its the duty of the communications regulator the Uganda communications commission (UCC)  to sensitize the masses about what what actually digital migration is. I will excuse the operators because they have actually “tried”to sensitize the masses what it actually means. But behind the scenes they should get returns on their investments hence calling in the regulator to finish the work. Going by the names GOTv has really done some good work not forgetting DSTV as they are both under the same parent MultiChoice. The Chinese under their star times brand and other operators like Zuku, MoTV, Pearl digital blah blah blah.  

Why are we undergoing this Migration anyway?

The answer to that is more Broadband Wireless spectrum. UCC has run out of ITU (International Telecommunication Union) recommended frequency channels to distribute to the telcos for LTE. With the 800MHz band full to the brim to an extent to having  TV broadcasting channels, CDMA technology, and other transmission links within this band, UCC has a lot on their plate and they have initially embarked on shifting the TV guys first from the 800MHz  bands. Am sure we have all heard the 4G-LTE
jargon being trough around in Ads, with the current spectrum assignment, big telcos like Airtel and MTN  were left out, which lead MTN to use another 2600Hz band with the unfavored TDD technology. UCC has to act fast to free up this band for others to join the LTE broadband bandwagon.

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Digital TV has its advantages but one that the regulator has made our daily bread is  having many channels in a space that was previously occupied by one, high quality broadcasting,quality pictures, parental controls and so many others.

Another issue is that most of the Ads run on TV yet majority of the masses access information on radio. Its just an observation so you shouldn’t assume i am biased. This calls for a lot effort from UCC, the TV providers and the consumers if the project is to prove a success. The regulator should  come in and
ensure that the set standards are observed, like wise should the operators offer us the best value for our money once they are issued more broadband spectrum.

The Devices

The set standard decoders for this process in Uganda are the DVB-T2 short for Digital Video Broadcasting – Second generation terrestrial and the normal satellite TV the likes of DSTV and Zuku TV are offering. So UCC should also ensure that obsolete technology is off our market to protect the consumers

It will be you the consumers to tell us the best service provider out there as i cannot generally conclude who the best is. It will be from your observations that we shall finally rate them. Whatever platform your on, be it DVB , satellite or IPTV were are waiting for your response in our comments section for your response.