Telecom companies MTN and Africell start a new data bundle marathon every Wednesday

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Telecommunication Giants MTN Uganda together with top competitor Africell seem to have kick started a new data bundles marathon. With MTN having championed the race with its popular Gaga Wednesdays. Africell on the other hand has introduced the Dont Be Cheated Wednesday overtime.

Having juiced up the Gaga Wednesdays with 2GB data just like Africell last week.The two companies have now increased their data offers to at least 3GB starting for as low as UGX 3,500. Well does this mean data is becoming more affordable in 2018? Cerainly not but on Wednesdays yes. Wednesdays are now filled with even more data for the current MTN and Africell subscribers while Airtel  has kept a distance.

In reference to the 2017 sim registration statistics. Over 32 million people are subscribed to Uganda’s telecom networks which serves a great ground for extremely better data offers by companies to meet the user demands. The current battle for who dominates Wednesdays is on and is more of a Dont Be cheated Vs Gaga Wednesdays.

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Whereas MTN offers you 3GB at UGX 3,500, Africell on the other hand is offers 3.5GB at the same amount. Their data offers are valid for 24hrs to boost your Wednesdays. On the other hand, Airtel Uganda also offers you 1GB at UGX 5,000 valid for 3days.

In conclusion, we expect the new data offers by MTN and Africell to be juiced up even more in the coming weeks as more telecom companies plan to join the Wednesday craze.