Tecno explains why you should try out the Camon CX’s camera

Tecno C9

It Is no longer news that yearly, TECNO raises the bar on smartphone camera technology via its CAMON flagship. In the past, the CAMON C8 and CAMON C9 have displaced rival brands and successfully carved a niche for themselves in the market; still delivering value for money till date.

Interestingly, recently leaked pictures of the next CAMON flagship, the CAMON CX is about to create a paradigm shift in smartphone design and photography experience. Let’s make sense out of the leaked pictures

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The nicely positioned front camera has 16MP rating and dual flashlights. This camera focuses on object with great speed and captures stunning high-resolution photos just the way they are – beautiful and colorful. Interestingly, under extreme lowlight, the dual flash ensures that the CAMON CX still captures sharp and bright images. With the lowlight optimization on CAMON CX, I believe its time to finally bid bye to dark pictures. Yes, now people will stop appearing like shadows in their own pictures because of poor background lighting. Upon its release, the CAMON CX is expected to be the best lowlight Selfie camera.

With an anticipated 120-degrees wide-angle capacity, group Selfies can effectively capture everyone just the way they are arranged. Remember that your college graduation picture which some of your classmates who posed at the edge were cut off? Now, that will no longer be a problem with the release of the CAMON CX due to its wide-angle mode that enables it to effortlessly squeeze several people into a single frame. By simply tapping anywhere on the screen or using the fingerprint scanner, you can capture moments on the device as fast as in 0.1second.

The CAMON CX cameras are designed to reduce visual distortion that looks like grains usually present in pictures taken under lowlight. Its 16MP rear camera has a 0.1second focus that makes capturing moving object possible without the images being blurred. Also, the ring flash positioned just beneath the rear camera combines four bright flashes to increase background light by 100% when compared to regular flash and casts evenly over darkness. These set of ring flashlights do not only prevent users from having to recognize their friends in the photos using their eyeballs and teeth however, it also helps capture every color in the environment clearly.

This is definitely a 5.5” Full HD IPS screen, with high pixel density to make sure that every detail on the screen is clear and sharp. Whether under direct sunlight or under your blanket, the CAMON CX super-bright screen delivers vibrant displays all day long.

Indeed, the design of the CAMON CX is epic and its camera has finally addressed problems with photography under lowlight, which other smartphones have not being able to fix in the past. No doubt, TECNO’s effort on this device will serve as a benchmark for further technological developments in smartphone photography.