Tech Stripped: The iPhone 5s gets ripped apart

We always enjoy seeing the internals of our favorite gadgets, being geeks its like Christmas for us and Apple’s new gold flagship iPhones 5s is no exception and has been stripped down by the guys at  iFixit. We all have to admit that the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s are cosmetically the same, but they might be different on the inside, starting from the all new A7 system on a chip to the Moto X like  M7 coprocessor to the much anticipated  Touch ID fingerprint authentication hardware.

The battery is Apple is able to boast 10 hours of talk time: Spotting a larger 1560mAh than  the 1440mAh battery in the iPhone 5. As iFixit points out, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 features a significantly larger 2600mAh battery, but that’s rated at just 7 hours
of talk time.

we also get to see the internals of the Touch ID sensor as well as the rear-facing iSight camera with its dual LED flash. So if you’d like to get a complete look at how Apple’s latest flagship is put together, be sure to check out the teardown below and in the source link.

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