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7 things that Telecom companies in Uganda should do in...

As we usher in the new year, telecom companies in Uganda need to looked as more closely than ever before especially in an industry dominated by big players like MTN and Airtel.

Want to make a call using Smile Telecom? Check out their...

Smile Telecom has one of the fastest 4G LTE mobile broadband internet in Uganda and not only did they launch their unlimited data but also unveiled the first Voice over LTE (VoLTE) offering dubbed SmileVoice. Now your SmileData bundle gives you access to both mobile broadband internet plus voice calls, video calls and SMSs. With SmileVoice you can call anyone, on any number anywhere in Uganda and the rest of the world. Use a VoLTE handset with your Smile SIM card or download our FREE SmileVoice App on your mobile today and enjoy SuperClear calls that connect the first time

Here is how SmileVoice works

While pale green, white and a blend of orange plus Grey decor ruled the press room, in our midst was the official launch of Smile Telecom’s voice over LTE (VoLTE) service dubbed SmileVoice and Smile Unlimited to the echelons of Uganda. The Smile Voice service allows one to make both voice & video calls plus SMSs over Smile’s 4G network (Provided one has a VoLTE compatible handset) using the 072 prefix anywhere in the world. But unlike traditional circuit switched 2G & 3G calls, Smile only charges you for the data consumed using a megabytes per second

Smile Telecom officially unveils its Voice over LTE service in Africa

Smile Telecoms Holdings Ltd known to many as "Smile", which owns and operates 4G LTE mobile broadband networks in the 800MHz band in Nigeria, and in the 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands in Tanzania and Uganda, announced today that in all its operating markets customers would enjoy the benefits of two first-to-market services, namely SmileVoice which brings Voice over LTE and SmileUnlimited.

Infographic: One year down the road – Vodafone in Uganda

Times flies indeed! Its already been a year since Afrimax Group and Vodafone group merged to give birth to Vodafone Uganda Limited. Vodafone in Uganda is part of Afrimax group a 4G wireless communications provider in 14 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and is led by a seasoned telecoms management team with IFC and Mitsui Group as shareholder. In Uganda, Afrimax partnered with Vodafone to deliver

TL;DR: VoIP in Uganda, do Operators need a license?

VoIP in Uganda (Voice over Internet Protocol) is considered simply as another form of voice service like we have 2G GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) or tradition landline service. VoIP is therefore an acceptable service in Uganda for personal and public use. We have seen telecos like Smile Telecom come out to use their existing data 4G-LTE networks for VoLTE (Voice over LTE) or VoIP calls.