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The new Smile Premium Bundle offers REAL unlimited internet, Check out...

At last, real unlimited internet finally comes to the pearl of Africa! This is huge news for internet fanatics out there as Smile Telecom Uganda becomes the first telecom to offer Unlimited internet at fairly usable speeds. This is the beginning to the kind of internet we've been dreaming of and finally one of the telecos has responded in a rather positive way. The latest monthly Smile Unlimited bundle dubbed the Smile Premium Bundle will offer uncapped data for a full month at 6mbps at a fixed price of UGX 330,000

For just UGX 10k, you can enjoy Smile Telecom’s unlimited daily...

The one thing that most internet addicts in Uganda crave for is "pure" unlimited internet with no data caps, and it seems most carriers have failed to deliver on this. After launching its Unlimited monthly data that goes for UGX 179,000, Smile Communications Uganda has unveiled a new daily data bundle for the price of UGX 10,000. You will enjoy unlimited surfing, video on demand, social media, gaming on the company's 4G LTE network.

These are the Vodafone Uganda unlimited data plans

We all like "all you can eat internet", since it has become more of an addiction for many and I can say this is true for the editors at Techjaja. When Orange Uganda revolutionized the way we use internet in 2009 with the first usage 3G network in Uganda, it was hard to envision that data usage with reach these heights from Gigabytes not to Tetrabytes per month as Ugandans crave for more data. Orange began the unlimited data plan, but they were later popularized by Vodafone Uganda's fast 4G-LTE network. With each passing year, Vodafone Uganda unlimited data plans have grown from five to eight since they launched their 4G -LTE network.

Vodafone Uganda Tablets: All you can do with Unlimited internet on...

Vodafone Uganda is one of the few carriers that offers unlimited internet on its 4G-LTE network. Operating 4G TDD (Time Division Duplex) a technology which is less popular than FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) which is being used by your 2G and 3G devices, it is not easy to buy any Vodafone Uganda Tablets or smartphones compatible to their network off the streets and drop in a Vodafone SIM and everything works. This limits the users choice and they are forced to get the devices from the Vodafone hops. But with advancement in technology, processor and chip makers

Five things Airtel Uganda needs to do in 2016

Airtel Uganda has come a long way the last couple of years. But that doesn't mean there's not more to do. It's something we've been happy to say for a while now especially after the merger with Warid Telecom, Airtel is now a stable network, sort of. Airtel Uganda is one of the most-improved carriers in Uganda to the point where we're standing up and taking notice every time there's something new on the horizon. We've surely had an interesting year with this telecom company, and we are sure we wouldn't win Airtel's best blog website of the year, but love us or hate us we hit everyone with the bitter truth.

Five things MTN Uganda needs to do in 2016

We have had a great year with Uganda's biggest telecommunication company and indeed it has come a long way in the past couple years. It has moved onto the top shelf of the Uganda's telecom sector because it made a good brand proposition since the days of Celtel Uganda trying to focus on top-notch services for Ugandans at affordable price when they removed service fees. That means things like interconnecting the unconnected to both their voice and data networks in Uganda is one of MTN Uganda's core goals while endeavoring to compete in Uganda's cut-throat telecom market.