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UCC warns public against use of Social Media platforms, to incite...

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) that was established under the Uganda Communications Act 2013, to among other things, monitor, inspect, license, set standards and enforce compliance relating to content, has warned Ugandans against misusing

Xeroxing Snapchat seems to be finally paying off for Instagram

Instagram is on its way to hit 1 billion users, okay its not yet there but with over 700 million users, the Facebook owned company is on the right track. The photo sharing app is growing fast if not faster and just recently, i

Africell Uganda juices up its social media bundle with SnapChat and...

The social media bundle craze runs across all major telecoms in Uganda commonly termed as WTF, standing for Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter since the 3 are the most used social networks in Uganda. Last month, Africell introduced SnapChat & Instagram to its

Black Mirror kicks off new season where the future of Social...

One of the most anticipated technology inspired series is back. (Warning Spoilers ahead) We've written about Black Mirror before and as we described it as a series packed with technological anxieties and possible futures. From 2011 to 2014, the series run a few episodes on Britain's Channel 4 and Netflix is now producing new episodes. The Pilot Episode of season 3 titled "Nosedive", imagines a future of an ubiquitous augmented reality (AR)

How to verify your Twitter account

Dying to have that blue verified badge on your Twitter profile that lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic? Well starting today you can verify your Twitter account as the social media company is opening this up to the public and they can now approve account types maintained by users in music, acting, fashion,

Roking at Blanket and Wines: Meet the Roke Experience

Remmie would you like to attend Blanket & Wines? Read an IM from my E.I.C and an affirmation wasn’t miles away that I outright agreed. Yes, I said. That was all and the only complementing explanation was that Roke Telkom (more about them later) had invited me to go try out their Experience Tent at the just concluded Blankets and Wine.