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Is Vodafone leaving Uganda? Find out why

Vodafone Uganda has recently been marred in allegations of closing shop, citing lower sales, a high debt burden that has seen the 4G operator embroiled in court battles with suppliers and the like. Its CEO who was unveiled just over a year ago is also said to have thrown in the towel

Is Smile communications closing shop in Uganda?

The green network, Smile is apparently closing its business in Uganda. According to insider information, it is not all rosy at the once promising ISP best known for its unlimited internet bundles and a good quality of service.

The Best mobile Unlimited Data Plan in Uganda

We've been here before -- with the never-ending argument that most of the mobile network operators are not actually giving us unlimited internet. Unlimited data plans usually comes with ludicrous terms and conditions (read as Friendly user Policy) that most

The State of mobile phone subscriptions per telecom company in Uganda

The Uganda communication commission (UCC) the legal telecom regulatory authority responsible for issuing licenses to all telecom companies previously released the total registered SIM...

Smile introduces a new daily ‘SmileFlexy’ data bundle

Smile Communications is expanding it's data offerings with a new daily data bundle called SmileFlexy. At launch, the internet service provider (ISP) had its data bundle duration were technically limited to 60 days, this was later resolved and they can now offer, daily, monthly and even weekly data bundles. The new SmileFlexy daily data bundle is aimed

Smile Telecom quietly adds new UnlimitedPlatinum bundle, further screws up UnlimitedPremium...

Following the recent launch of Unlimited internet from the MTN Uganda, Smile Communications has also beefed up its Unlimited offering with a pricier data bundle called UnlimitedPlatinum. The bundle joins the UnlimitedPremium and UnlimitedEssential that