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Project SkyBender: Google wants to beam 5G signals to you in...

It is no secret that Google's project loon has been in an experimental phase since its launch. The project and aims to bring internet to the most remote areas around the world using solar-powered ballons that will roam in the earth's stratosphere. Seems now the company is working on something similar using drone technology, According to a report from The Guardian , Google is also working in secret at a spaceport in New Mexico to build and test solar-powered internet drones in a new initiative codenamed Project SkyBender. The core technology of Project

Fiber, Loon, and Titan are Google’s three approaches to solving global...

Google estimates over 4.5 billion people without internet access and the search giant envisions the internet for everyone. The company has invested in an assortment of different internet access methods including balloons, satellites, fiber, and terrestrial wireless.

Google’s Internet Project Loon balloon accidentally removes power lines

We expected something close to this to happen and today, Google has affirmed that a balloon involved in its internet Project Loon caused a black out of electricity for some residents in US in Washington town

Google to reportedly spend over $ 1 billion on Global Satellite...

Google is planning to spend more than $1 billion on satellites that will cover the planet with internet signals in a bid to increase broadband coverage to parts of the world.

The Unanswered Question: How should low end Smartphones look like ?

A lot of smartphones have come to us in our every day lives in whatever category you can think of. Be it the most praised high end, mid-range and of course where most people at

GOOGLE X: Google’s Lab of Wildest Dreams Inventing the future.

As the polymath engineers and scientists who work there are fond of saying, Google X is the search giant’s factory for moonshots, those million-to-one scientific