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PayPal is rolling out a new Cashback Mastercard to its members

The PayPal is introducing a new Cashback Mastercard, which is only available to PayPal members, and will give cardholders 2% cash back on every purchase. The new card will have no annual cash back limit, no minimum redemption amount, no restriction on how to spend cash rewards and no expiration on rewards.

How PayPal Helps Businesses Meet New Customers

Back when online payments first started being accepted, Visa was undoubtedly the method of choice. As fraud protection has become more of an issue, alternate payment methods like PayPal have swooped in to take a larger slice of the action. Now, businesses

18 years down the road with Paypal

PayPal in its various incarnations is almost 18 years old. Today, it operates in 203 countries and under 26 different currencies. How did consumers come to use the service as they know it today?

DusuPay makes it possible for you to make hustle free online...

Making Payments online to many is nearly a dream come true let alone the hustle that many find using it. However Dusupay a dedicated payment gateway is making online payments the smoothest for everyone there is. So, what is Dusupay Anyway?

Jajatoons Episode 2: The payment conundrum

Jajatoons Episode 2: The payment conundrum, Caption away in our comment section below or on twitter with hash tag #jajatoons

Apple to dive into mobile payment service

Apple is expanding day by day and is making internal and external moves in order to introduce mobile payments. This will be in direct competition with the likes of eBay’s PayPal, Google,