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Meet the Nextbit Robin: A cloud-based smartphone made by former Android...

A new startup called Nextbit — a new company led by a former head of partnerships for Android back in the day, a power-management engineer and one of the lead industrial designers behind some of HTC's most iconic smartphones — want to bring the cloud to your phone in a whole new way. The Nextbit has been launched today on Kickstarter — for $299 for early adopters; it'll retail at $399 — and will be available early next year. Robin definitely is a new concept and rocks the HTC like polycarbonate that we last was in the first HTC One smartphone— something Nextbit's Scott Croyle, the former HTC designer, is good at. The phone has 5.2-inch display inside, the circular front-facing stereo speakers that stand out, as do the huge sensors and front-facing camera.

This Kickstarter wants you to have an emoji keyboard overlay skin

The guys at Disk Cactus have stepped in with their emoji keyboard overlay skin, currently on Kickstarter.

A Smart Bike that gives you directions, and alerts you to...

A new kickstarter project wants to change your bicycle riding experience by adding extra accessories on it like GPS, a bunch of sensors and fitness trackers making it the smartest bike ever. A lot of clever connected accessories have

Gadget that lets you hack your brain raises $120,000 on Kickstarter

OpenBCI is a Kickstarter project that was set out to fund a fully open-source brain-computer interface (BCI) source brain interface platform, and so far the guys behind the project Joel Murphy & Conor

KickStarter project brings an extra button on all Android Smartphones

Pressy is a new kickstarter campaign that intends to let your 3.5mm audio jack become an extra programmable button for your Android smartphone.

Google glass competition begins, have a look at GlassUP

GlassUP, a Google Glass rival has announced its own wearable display project, throwing the wireless headset open to crowdfunding backers.