South Africa’s ANC party beaconed to Withdraw Threat to Boycott MTN

MTN logo

The ruling political party in South Africa ANC earlier this year called to its members to boycott MTN following the DA’s airtime voucher advertising campaign which was irresponsible.

In a press release Mmusi Maimane, DA National Spokesperson, made it clear that these kinds of threats and intimidation have no place in a democracy where freedom of association and the right to campaign freely are guaranteed by the Constitution.

We therefore call on the ANC to withdraw its call to boycott MTN without delay. As part of our ‘Know Your DA’ campaign, we have distributed more than 2.5 million DA-branded airtime vouchers. We have every right to utilise this platform to spread our campaign message that we fought against

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It should be pointed out that this form of advertising is not only used on MTN airtime vouchers, but across the top three South African cellular networks. The DA entered into a standard advertising agreement with a third party voucher advertising company and not with the cellular
companies themselves.

The 2, 5 million DA-branded vouchers are being distributed in retailers, corner shops and spaza shops as we speak. This medium has enabled the DA to connect with and inform hundreds of thousands of
people about our history and our policies.

In addition to the airtime vouchers, we have distributed 1, 6 million of 2.9 million pamphlets and we’ve had one-on-one conversations with nearly 490 000 South Africans. In Gauteng alone, we have visited some 250 000 households. 30 000 copies of the Know Your DA film are currently being distributed to all of our branches across the country and will reach approximately 1 million South Africans.

The ANC’s call to boycott MTN is a clear sign that it is panicking about the DA’s growing support. No amount of threats and intimidation will change the fact that more and more South Africans are choosing the DA over the ANC.

We will continue on our mission to show every South African that the DA fought apartheid and is committed to redressing its legacy.

Democratic Alliance (Cape Town)