Sony reveals a Portable Wireless Server, you will be able stream content to your smartphone

IFA seems to be the place Sony wants to out do other manufactures this year, as they have  just announced a new portable streaming device that lets you stream video, music, and images to any compatible wireless device in range.

You will also be able to charge your your phone via USB as you streaming content to it , or  a DLNA-compatible TV.

Sony call it the WG-C20 that has  a of connectivity features, and comes in a stylishly slim profile to match the current line of Xperia devices. The WG-C20 can wirelessly cast content from a inserted microSD card, or even an connected USB drive. You can then share the content to wireless devices via a quick NFC tap, or stream it through DLNA. The WG-C20 can also charge your devices via USB with a 5v, 1.5A output rate. It will come in Black, White, and Purple, and has a November release date, although pricing has not yet been revealed.

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