Sony tries to get on our wrists with a water-resistant smart watch

We have seen all these promises of smartwatches and nothing has tickled our fancy yet. Sony has launched the SmartWatch 2, an update of its Android-based watch, while the competition still seems largely to be in development mode.

We have heard strong rumors of Apple, Google and Samsung all working on some sort of Smart watch. But Sony is already offering a third-generation device in this category with the SmartWatch 2, the company said on Tuesday at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai.

Lets run down its specs:

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* water- and dust-resistant body is made of aluminium
* integrated support for NFC.
* a 1.6-inch screen with 220 x 176 pixel resolution,
* Sony also promises improved battery life
* running Android

Sony also says that the SmartWatch 2 has extended compatibility with most Android phones, so more people will be able to use it. Unfortunately, there still isn’t compatibility with iOS devices.