Social Media as a business tool: Free but not very Free

Social Media as a business tool

geek week emblemThe internet age, has dawned with what we now call Social Media. And this has led for many questions to be asked by the several business. How can businesses reap the fruits of social media? How can you boast your business with harnessing the powers of social media?

The social business

Simply put, An enterprise that is able to get information (in any form) to the targeted audience and receive feedback, this “feedback” should be beneficial in one of the following ways.

  • Should be able to give key insights, to the business, about the customers need.
  • Should inform the business about what customers think about products.

Yes, a business should choose to use feedback as the litmus test on the effectiveness of social media. This way the business will continue improving the product and customer care –the heart of the business.

The business of providing information

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At the heart of business, lies the ability to make sales but on social media not every line should sound like a sales statement. The strategy on social media should be one geared towards providing value extra value to the audience. This is why it should be about information.

This information created internally from the various business processes, call it sharing “what we have learnt along the way”: Jason Njoku of iRokoTv does an excellent job on his blog.

Information that has value will help keep you in people’s minds, and that is where you want to be. This visibility, that multimillion corporations with big advertising budgets get through television ads can be achieved by small businesses. Of course comes at a cost.


It all comes at a cost!

The good news is that social media platforms are free, a more intelligent approach when managing the business social interactions, however, is necessary. It’s important to put time aside to generate great content, engage with the online audience, for example fast response to customers inquiries will impress, what you want to do, is impress all the time.

Secondly, have methods in place to measure how social media had an impact on business results, for example a new product offering, an event. The business should be able to crunch on the metrics and gain insights into the contributions that social media is making.

Consistency is key in this game especially if you a running a corporate blog using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, name it is paramount. Especially if you want to take the brand to greater heights in this day and age.


The social media platforms
The social media platforms

Tools for the social media manager

Keeping abreast with what people are saying about the business and the industry. This can be as simple as performing a twitter search. This will reveal what customers are saying about your business, you will find out what they are talking about the competition as well.

Google alert!!! A service that informs a business owner whenever new content about your product is put up on the web, knowing how people are searching will also guide when paying for Google ad words and Search Engine optimization (SEO). Enroll here for a refresher on SEO.

Be social. Enjoy our Geek Week